Our Program

The success our clients have is remarkable!

We have seen our clients face their fears and get their lives back. Our goal is to provide clients with the solutions they need to live a productive, enjoyable life. We offer concrete tools and techniques that truly reduce symptoms.

Our Intensive Outpatient program (IOP) is a shorter-term intensive treatment option that consistently provides clients with long-term symptom reduction. Our specialized program is designed to support individuals (eight years and older) who suffer from OCD, anxiety, and related diagnoses.

The IOP program is three hours per day, Monday through Friday. This level of treatment helps provide clients with more significant outcomes, more consistently in a shorter time period than traditional outpatient sessions.

Our programs are evidence-based practices, which means we stay current with scientific research. Our staff is highly trained in implementing exposure-based therapy, the gold standard for obsessive-compulsive, anxiety, and related disorders treatment.

IOP Details:

  • Client-centered treatment
  • Family/support systems involvement, when clinically appropriate
  • Custom-tailored schedule, which typically includes:
    • Individual therapy session with a primary therapist
    • Exposure/Skill Practice Group
    • Speciality Skills Group
    • Process Groups
    • DBT Skills Group
  • Youth program includes:
    • Parent Support Group
    • Parent DBT Skills Group

Clients who complete our IOP achieve an average of 64% overall reduction of symptoms. Learn more about our outcomes.


Typical Length of Treatment

The length of our IOP program varies with each individual. The intensity of the IOP program provides results on average with a much shorter amount of time than other types of therapy. The IOP helps individuals take the leap they need to get control over fears and be able to live life in a healthy which create a significant anxiety reduction in normal day-to-day life. Experience shows that it is only by facing fears and creating new neural pathways that a person can truly learn to manage their symptoms.

IOP Program

Family Involvement

Group Dynamic