Why Our Quality of Care is Personal

In the early years of my marriage, I recognized that both my wife and son were living with OCD. As a therapist, I had been trained in helping people with OCD. When my son’s struggles started becoming more evident, I realized that the way I had been trained to help was not working. I needed a better way, a way to help my family. I started doing my research, reading all of the books, attending professional workshops and training I could find.

Inspired by the need to help my own family, I sought out the top professionals in the world doing this type of treatment and I learned so much from them. Applying what I learned from experts, with my own clients, I found dramatic success. I felt the joy of their new lives, I realized so many other families were dealing with these same issues, including my own.

It became my mission to help as many families as I could. To make that possible, I started The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Centers. By bringing together a team of dedicated professionals and creating our own proprietary Intensive Outpatient program, we are able to help thousands of individuals and families and I am proud to say we have the highest symptom reduction of any program in our industry.

Having created a proprietary process and creating our own training institute, our staff can now help others in the same way I was able to help my own clients and family. And yes, my family came into my program and are living full and productive lives.

If you are in need of getting help for OCD, Anxiety or Trauma I promise to provide the most effective treatment in the nation.


Paul Peterson

Founder and CEO