Our Outcomes

Leading the Way in Symptom Reduction

Through our proprietary process, we have been able to produce an average 64% reduction in symptoms for clients who complete our intensive outpatient programming. This is the highest rate of symptom reduction in the field, while ensuring those outcomes across all of our programs. Our providers, including social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and clinical psychologists, bring diverse expertise to our cutting-edge treatments.

At The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Centers, we are proud to deliver exceptional treatment results that set our clients free, empowering them and their families to live the lives they desire.

Evidence-Based Care

All clients in our intensive outpatient programming complete an evidence-based outcome measure weekly to track their symptom reduction rates. Our clinicians monitor this information closely throughout the treatment process, using it to guide individualized treatment planning. This rigorous approach ensures that each client at our programs consistently receives the personalized treatment they need, addressing their unique challenges and goals.

Insight from Thousands of Clients

After years of dedicated effort, we have collected and analyzed treatment outcome data for over 3,000 clients who have received care in our intensive outpatient programming. Our Quality Assurance team diligently tracks this information to ensure the treatment programs at our centers maintain the high level of excellence our clients, their families, and providers expect. Our clients receive the best, most innovative, and sophisticated treatment available for OCD, anxiety, and related diagnoses. The results we’ve gathered speak volumes about our commitment to continual quality improvement and treatment success.

Average % Symptom Reduction

Our Outcomes