OCD Treatment in Corona, California

We are Best in the Nation - OCD and Anxiety Treatment
We are Best in the Nation - OCD and Anxiety Treatment

OCD & Anxiety Treatment in Corona

At OCD Anxiety Centers, we are proud to lead the way in symptom reduction, with the highest rate in the country – an average 64% reduction in symptoms for our clients through our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). This achievement is complemented by our client satisfaction rate, with 92% of clients and parents reporting they are satisfied or very satisfied with their experience in our program.

These remarkable outcomes underscore our dedication to empowering clients, ages 8 and over, and their families to live the lives they desire.

Our program is the effective solution that provides success over a much shorter timeframe than traditional talk therapy sessions. Intensive outpatient treatment provides a comprehensive approach to therapy for OCD and anxiety, incorporating weekly individual therapy within a supportive and structured framework. This ensures clients receive personalized care while benefiting from peer support and group work.

We are committed to providing the support and care needed to make this transformation possible, helping you take the crucial steps towards recovery and well-being.

Contact our team today to learn how these outcomes can help you and your family.

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