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Many individuals who suffer with OCD will never receive treatment because of the associated cost. Please help us support those who desperately need treatment, but do not have the resources to cover treatment. We provide a budget friendly program for those who are having financial difficulties. 100% of all monies donated will be used to provide the proper care to anxiety sufferers through our Budget Friendly Program. Donations can help cover the cost of the IOP program for those who cannot afford the cost and need the more intensive program. We have designed a program that is managed by our second year Masters students and Associate therapists which are supervised by our Licensed Specialists. Because of this, individuals can receive quality, effective treatment at a fraction of the cost. This program currently has been subsidized by The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center. We encourage all to help support our cause to provide affordable care for individuals who would not otherwise receive treatment. It can really make a difference to someone in need, who would otherwise be left to cope with OCD alone. We provide a quarterly report of money donated and an accounting of services that were provided to demonstrate the positive efforts that were possible because of gracious donations. To request a quarterly report, please email us.

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