What to Expect at The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center

What to Expect

Our IOP program has three options to fit your schedule:

Adult Day Program Session 1

Monday through Friday 9am to 12:00pm

Adult Day Program Session 2

Monday through Friday 12:30pm to 3:30pm

Youth Evening program

Monday through Thursday 9am-Noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

OCD and Anxiety can range in severity, so we have designed half or full day Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment programs to suit the needs of our clients.

We understand that many people who suffer from OCD are embarrassed about the condition and the thoughts they are having. These thoughts can bring with them feelings of fear, shame and frustration. For many, it can be an overwhelming time. Our anxiety treatment programs give you back the power to see OCD for what it really is, helping you to overcome it and other Anxiety Disorders.

Before starting our IOP treatment programs for Anxiety and/or OCD, we provide an initial assessment so that we can tailor our program to best meet your needs. This takes around two hours in a relaxed environment, where you will meet individually with Paul J. Peterson MSW/LCSW, the Director/CEO of The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center.

Paul has seen clients with OCD and anxiety beginning as early as 2000. He understands the complexity of Anxiety Disorders and OCD, and that it affects people in different ways. He will cater your treatment program to help you with your specific symptoms. During your visits, you work together in creating hierarchies and other process to help in your treatment.

We also have other supportive staff that you will work with during treatment, including licensed therapists and therapists in training to help facilitate additional supportive therapy sessions.

The IOP Program allows for 5-9 to 24 participants during the day at any given time. Throughout the day you will attend one-on-one therapy, have the opportunity to participate in our In Vivo Exposure, Mindfulness, Psycho Educational and Goal Groups with other pre-screened individuals who also struggle with OCD and/or other Anxiety Disorders. We find that those who suffer can relate to others who are suffering and be a great support to each other in treatment.

We will also include family members in groups and sessions if they are available. Research has shown that success is highly increased when there is family involvement in treatment. We want to give you all the best resources for your long term and sustained success.

If you attend both sessions during the day, lunch will be on your own. We have many great options within our community click here to see what local food options are available.

At the conclusion of your IOP day, we will send you off with some homework. It is important that our clients practice what they are learning in the program. Again, we want to prepare you for long term success.

Each Adult IOP Session will include 16 hours a week of therapy, plus 2 hours of homework each day.

A combination of both IOP sessions include: 32 therapy hours per week, plus 2 hours of homework each day. We count on you to follow through with your assignments outside of the therapeutic setting!

Youth IOP Includes: 12 therapy hours per week, plus 2 hours of homework each day. It is critical for parents and/or caregivers to make sure that young clients follow through with their assignments outside of the therapeutic setting!

Our staff members are kind and compassionate people. They recognize your struggles and truly desire to help lift your burdens. The intensity you will experience in this program has the capacity to change your life forever. If you have any further questions, please click here to set up a free consultation.

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