About Us

About Us

There are currently are over 50 staff members on our team in the Bountiful Utah office.

Paul J. Peterson MSW/LCSW started practicing therapy in his first year internship in August of 2000. His first session was with an individual struggling with OCD, and this ignited a passion to work with individuals suffering with OCD and other anxiety disorders. Paul then travelled all over the nation, taking part in specialized trainings and conferences to hone in his skills. He maintains his knowledge through the most recent researches, books, conferences and trainings on OCD and currently uses the most effective and evidence based therapies. He has continued to support and train staff and master’s level interns to create a movement of skilled therapists to help alleviate the burden of OCD and anxiety that many of this population experience.

The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center unofficially started in April of 2008, and was officially known as The Counseling Center. Over the years, there has been an increasing need for individuals in our community to get proper treatment for OCD and anxiety symptoms. There are many therapists who desire to help, but lack the proper training. We have spent a significant amount of time training therapists to help support our specialized center. We officially launched in 2015 and are excited to provide services to our community as well as those around the country and world who are in need.

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